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Imagine being diagnosed with a disease worse than even the most aggressive cancer a year after giving birth to your youngest child.. – A disease that will paralyze the one body part after the next until it finishes you off by shutting down your lungs.. But despise being the victim of a faith so cruel it’s impossible to comprehend, you manage to find a way to enjoy life regardless, – until the system that’s supposed to help you, appears to go out of its way to destroy you instead..



My friend and fellow blogger, Vivian, has ALS.
But not being able to move a limb, doesn’t stop her from neither pursuing paragliding, being a mum, a wife, a caring friend or whatever she puts her mind to. Even ALS didn’t manage to break this woman, so I’ll be damned to let Bergen municipality do so! This fundraising is put up for Vivian to be able to afford a top lawyer to handle the crap that’s being thrown her way so that she can use her strength to enjoy the time she has left instead of fighting an endless battle against a careless nightmare of a bureaucracy that doesn’t seem to give a rats ass about the people it’s supposed to help and protect.

This fundraiser is initiated by fellow blogger, Chanet (aka Min lille dagbok), and it appears within a split second by


So if you happen to have a few bucks to spare in order to help this wonder of a woman spending the time she’s got left making memories with her family, I can assure you it would be highly appreciated.

Thank you in advance!

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